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I will always love you
I had a little bit of an issue with ChipIn so for those who were unable to use the chipin link or would feel more secure donating directly through paypal, here is the paypal donate button I have set up.

Jack's eye is looking much better today, its not bulging out as far and he no longer has a swollen eye lid, but, his eye is completely destroyed. He's a trooper, though, and he has won his way into not only my heart, but the heart of someone who abjectly hates cats... my boyfriend. I have never seen Dan get so emotional over a cat in the entire time I've known him.

I would like to thank everyone I know who has donated so far. You guys are the best and I have never seen so much generosity. We're up to $120 in donations so far, almost 1/5 of the cost of the surgery. I'm going to be taking Jack back to the vet next Thursday for a check up and to get an idea of when he will be able to undergo surgery. Until then, I'm going to keep giving him the antibiotics and eye drops and hopefully that will help even more.

ST Tribble Evil
Jack the one eyed kitten. Shoulder kitty... My own little mad eye moody!

Cut for the squeamishCollapse )

Jack is a 4 week old kitten that was born on my father's farm. His eye went from bad to worse to unsaveable in just a few short days. A short trip to the vet and now I'm facing an extremely expensive surgery to remove his eye when he gets a little older. His eye is completely ruptured except the globe is still intact, but everything on the inside of it is basically mush. He's a hell of a trooper, though, and with antibiotics and eye drops we've managed to get some of the swelling down and he's getting more active.

I'm still a broke college student and I'm still moving into my own place in 4 days, so, trying to cover this surgery out of pocket is going to be a really big struggle. I hate asking for money, most of you know me and know that I like to be able to take care of myself and not have to rely on anyone for help... But I need help with this. So far I've got $40 in donations from friends and that is only a small percentage of the cost of the surgery (which is likely going to be anywhere between $600 and $800). I have to come up with the money before they can do the surgery, but, he's too young at this point anyway to do anything but wait until he's older. They want him to gain weight and be at least 8 weeks old.

If you can spare even a dollar, it will help tremendously.

Sales post
I will always love you

I need to sell some things... Anyone interested? Free priority shipping!

32 gb iPod touch, 4th gen, with original box, clear case, decal girl's blossoming almond tree skin and charger. $200 or best offer? No scratches, it has had the case and/or a skin for the entire time I have owned it.

16 gb Motorola Droid 3 with 4gb micro sd card, decal girl skin, unused screen protector, desktop dock charger, car charger, belt clip and original box. Has had a skin on it the entire 3 months that I have owned it, and had a screen protector on it for most of the time, it doesn't have any scratches or dings. $270 or best offer.

Please? Buy my things? I need money.

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Writer's Block: Poetry Break
In ur LJ steelin ur MEMES
Write a poem or share one that you like.

I have three poems that I love each for different reasons.

The first is Thanatopsis by William Cullen Bryant

ThanatopsisCollapse )

Thanatopsis is the poem I read at my uncle David's funeral and I often read it when I am feeling depressed about people I have lost.

The second is She Walks in Beauty by George Gordon Byron

She Walks in BeautyCollapse )

I love this poem because when Dan and I first started dating he read it to me on the phone and it made me cry like a baby. I've never had a man read poetry to me before and I thought things like that never happened.

The third is Please Hear What I'm Not Saying by Charles C. Finn

Please Hear What I'm Not SayingCollapse )

Larry sent that one to me before we started dating way back in 2005. I've always taken to it because I always felt like I wore a mask when dealing with different people and never let anyone see who I really was...

Go west, young man
WW Hi in Delaware!
Well, in this case, young woman.

I have decided that come hell or high water, I'm driving across the country in June. My lease ends on the 31st of May, I'll throw all of my shit into storage, rent a car, and set sail on the open road. So far I plan on making stops in Missouri, Nevada and ending my journey in San Diego.

I will be figuring out the logistics over the next couple of months, but, the savings start now and the details will come as they do.

testing, testing
Bones LP

this has been a test of the new lj app for droid.


It definitely got the location wrong. I was in Woodstown. Heh.

I will always love you
We just had an earthquake...

Apparently my first instinct is to run out of the house with no phone or anything.

My god my heart was racing.

I will always love you
Just felt like posting because I could.

Team Dinner
Union SOB
The Team Dinner for the Philadelphia Union at Fogo de Chao was AMAZING. I sat next to Danny Califf for most of the evening, chatted with Le Toux and Mondragon, got pictures with Califf, Mondragon, Le Toux and Williams, got a t-shirt and ate an amazing meal. I will update this post with pictures later but if you're curious you can see them over at ye olde facebook. The album is open for anyone to see.


I am so glad I got this for Dan for our anniversary. He had a blast and kind of went fanboy over Mondragon just as much as I fangirled over Califf.

Califf is goddamn gorgeous, by the way.

Going to college, brb
Monroe Lace
So, ever since I first started dating Dan, he encouraged me to go to school... After going to Nikki and Gavin's wedding last weekend, and getting to use the Canon 50D that the photographer handed to me, I made the decision to just fucking DO IT already.

So, I applied to Gloucester County College. Its much like Del Tech (for my Delaware friends) but it has way better programs. I'm more than likely going for an associates degree in business with the add on of a certificate in photography. Once I get done with that, depending on how well that all goes, I'll pursue a 4 year bachelors degree in arts with a focus on photography.

So, with this college, depending on your SAT scores, you have to take a placement test. You want to know what sucks? I scored 10 points lower in both Critical Reading and Math than what is needed to not take the placement test. Oh well, my SATs are still better than the national average.

I should be getting my welcome packet tomorrow or Saturday in the mail. Monday I'll make an appointment to take the placement test and get the rest of this track started.

I'm excited. I'm super goddamned excited.

^_^ <3 ^_^


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